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Love Poem To Anger

by Becky Bertha

May there be space for anger in my home
May anger be always welcome to pass through

Let me keep a hearth for anger
and learn to use it like fire

Let my life be like a basin
which anger fills
and from which anger drains

Let my body be an instrument
a chamber where anger resonates
Let my throat be a channel
through which anger is sounded
and released

Let me be attuned to anger's presence
sense when anger is at home
like a familiar companion
whose ways I know
and trust

Let me listen for anger's voice
beneath the sweetness of the tears
muffled under the sadness, the hunger,
the need to sleep

Let me come to know anger's face
to meet that gaze
and no longer be afraid of it

Let me open myself to anger's touch
to be shaken through to my fingertips
charged with purpose
with that fierce protective power
Let me learn to recognize whose touch this is
and that it cannot hurt me

May I keep anger pure, in its own form
and not dilute it
and not disguise it
and not transform it into anything
more easily accepted

May anger be accepted for itself in my home
May I claim my own anger for my own
May I receive it as a gift
May I let anger teach me
May I follow where anger leads me

Let me love myself angry!

Now I open the door to anger.
Now I open the windows to anger.
Now I open the walls to anger.
Now I open the heart.

From Forbidden Poems

This poem appeared in the Winter-Spring 1994 IPA Newsletter.

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