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IPA Spring Retreat 2003

by Sam Turton and Bob Holmes

Once again, the Spring Retreat has successfully filled the IPA's need for a personal, small-scale gathering. Kirkridge Retreat Center, in the Pocono mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania, is professional with a very warm and comfortable character. It looks like we have found a new home.

Bob Holmes did a great job as the Retreat Chair-and there is a rumor that he might do it again next year! After getting back home, Bob sent a post to Ewail that I thought summed up the feeling of the retreat. The following words are from that message. See you next time!! - Sam

* * *

Hi Ev,

It's been over a week since I returned from spending an amazing weekend with nineteen of my fellow IPAers. You all know who you are, and every one of you helped make it special. It was certainly special for me-since it was the first IPA function I have taken responsibility for.

It was a test of faith to me-a guy from Canada working with a place hundreds of miles away that I'd never been to-and with a caterer I'd never experienced. Well, my faith was well placed. The view was awesome, the accommodations comfortable, and the food astounding (oh yes, a little piece of leftover Tiramisu was gobbled up on the last day-even after the latecomers got some!). And that field and forest of Standing Stones...well, I just didn't spend enough time there. It was magical!

Another magical moment for me was the cabaret piece with Daniel reading a poem from his book and Sharon accompanying him on the piano-the music unrehearsed and unknown until the moment of the reading. It was an amazing, almost unitive experience. I'm glad I was there, glad to be a part of it.

I won't even mention the party animals that "came out" at the dance party. Well, not by name, anyway. Right, Warren? And then there was the fish bone incident. Apparently popcorn does the trick. Sam can tell you about that!

It had been almost nine months since I had seen many of you at the summer convention, yet it seemed just like yesterday. Such is the bond of friendship that exists in the IPA community. I hope everyone makes the trip to Appel Farm so I can reconnect with those of you who I know-and connect with those I have yet to meet.

Love & Hugs,


The next IPA Spring Retreat is April 29 to May 2, 2004. Mark it in your calendars!

This article appeared in the Summer 2003 IPA Newsletter.

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