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Practicing the Presence

by Mickey Judkovics

Take the time to be here.

Take the time to be here.

Are you here now?

What does that mean to you?

If I say to you now, "Be here now in your body," does that change your experience of being here now?

It does for me. If I sense my body now, I sense something in the cheeks of my face and go away from it with the thought, "My mother wants to kill me."

Steve Parkhill compares this reservoir of unexpressed emotions to the reservoir of poison which forms from a tarantula's venomous bite. Something which must be lanced out, treated and healed.

After all these years to have these undigested thoughts, feelings of fear, and feelings of outrage at what was done, at what wasn't done and what was only thought. How come? How come?

What could I have done then or even later and what should I do now? Years of meditation, of expressive therapy, of self observation, of self remembering and avoidances then and now.

What am I avoiding now? What can I do now? Breathe and stay in my body. Breathe and stay in my body. Sense my Existence.

Look outside myself. See what there is to see. Sense the existence of the other. Am I threatened? Am I threatening? Are you threatening? What do I sense? What do I see?

Be here now.

Be Present.

This article appeared in the Summer 2001 IPA Newsletter.

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