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by Marie Regis

I welcome you, Spirit of truth,
Knowledge, Wisdom,
from the depths of my Heart
let my voice carry your sound outward
into my world.

Dear dozing giant within me,
I know these are my roots:
Invincible strength, knowledge of things unseen
I am here
standing and feeling my connection
with my inner and outer universe
earth, tree, sky, river, wind, sea, sunshine!

Song of my Earth, I welcome you!
Drumbeat of my heart
I hear your rhythm!
I honor your song and your story
I honor your sorrow
I acknowledge the hurts of the past and the joys
I give space for the rage and the unmet needs of my childhood.
I welcome all parts of my inner world and
I hold them in the Light of my Heart

and cradle them in My Mother's arms
and bathe them in my Love.

The Sacred is in me
and I know that
All is Sacred in me.

This poem appeared in the Winter-Spring 1994 IPA Newsletter.

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