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Serving on the Board of Directors

The purpose of the Board of Directors and Officers is to establish the policies of the IPA, guided by input from the general membership, and to coordinate, facilitate, and implement the functions and activities of the IPA, aided by the general membership. Board Members are committed to the organization and to working to accomplish its goals. They have gained an understanding of Primal Therapy and strive toward an empathetic attitude. It is desirable that new Board Members have been associated with the IPA long enough to become familiar with the organization.

As a Board Member, you will be required to attend three of the four yearly Board meetings. The first meeting, primarily for setting meeting dates and venues for the year, is held at the annual convention, during lunch. Subsequent meetings are two days in length, Saturday and Sunday, in various locations.

If you would like to serve on the IPA Board you may nominate yourself or ask someone to nominate you. Board terms are for two years. Except for the meeting at the Annual Convention, reasonable travel expenses to and from Board meetings are reimbursed upon presentation of travel receipts to the Treasurer. Lodging is provided by Board Members, but you are expected to pay for food. Your expenses are deductible from taxable income.

You are encouraged to talk to current Board Members and Officers during the Convention or other events if you would like more information.

Board Member Responsibilities & Guidelines


Board members are required to:

  • attend at least two out of three non-Convention Board meetings
  • have ready access to e-mail or get ready access upon becoming a Board member
  • return phone calls and e-mails promptly and reliably
  • thoroughly read all meeting notes (minutes) in a timely manner
  • notify the Board of any significant unavailability
  • contribute between Board meetings (such as serving on a committee or assisting in the planning of events and retreats
Safe Communications

Board members are expected to:

  • respect the sensitive nature of Board communications
  • take special care to prevent the accidental forwarding of e-mail messages
  • discuss sensitive issues by telephone or in person if necessary
  • receive approval of the Board and/or Officers before forwarding intra-Board e-mails outside the group
Personal Qualities

Board members are expected to:

  • be team players, respect the decisions of the Board, and be able to compromise
  • be able and willing to own and process feelings and personal issues, and when publicly involved in the IPA community, attempt to do so in a primally responsible way
  • enter into mediation upon request of the Board and resolve issues including conflicts with other Board members
  • be mindful of the needs of the community and their position in the community when attending or leading IPA sponsored events and seek help when necessary to fulfill their roles
  • offer support to each other when needed





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