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Donations and Support

We need your support!

The IPA is a volunteer-driven organization. Financial support in the form of membership fees and monetary donations enables us to put on events such as our annual Summer Convention and the Spring Retreat. It also helps us maintain our growing website, publish our tri-annual newsletter, and continue to reach out and connect with primal people all over the world.

Donations are put into two "funds" (donors can specify if they have a preference). The Development Fund is for projects that will eventually bring IPA healing techniques to more people around the world. Presently in the works is a Peer Primaling Startup Kit that will bring the concept of peer groups to people in areas where there is no primal support network. The IPA would also like to explore the possibility of publishing books on primal topics. The Scholarship Fund is a fund that will eventually help people with financial need attend IPA events.

We graciously accept donations of any amount as every dollar will help us share the vision of Primal Healing. Donors will receive a tax receipt for their contribution.

Please send contributions to:

International Primal Association
5539 Columbia Pike #816
Arlington, VA 22204

For more information on ways to donate to the IPA, see Joe Dunn's article from the April 2004 newsletter (click here for article).

If you have any questions about making a donation, please contact our treasurer at





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