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Certification and Training

Certification as a Primal Integration Educator

The IPA now has a process for certifying facilitators who complete the Advanced Training in Primal Integration requirements. We have worked for years developing this process so that we could safely recommend Primal Educators. We are more concerned with the applicant's own Primal experience and their therapeutic expertise than their academic credentials. However, we examine every aspect of their education and training to make our decision about their qualifications. This certificate is a validation by the International Primal Association, an organization of your peers.

To view the requirements for certification, click here.

For more information, contact Certification Committee Chair Barbara Bryan at


The following are IPA members who offer training in primal modalities. These training programs were developed independently of the IPA.

Primal Integration Center of Michigan

     Training programs led by Barbara Bryan and Sam Turton
     More information is available at

London Association of Primal Psychotherapists (LAPP)

     More information is available at





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