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Summer 2016 Newsletter

November Fall Events at the Woods Place, Rebirthng on Nov. 10-11, and Pathworks on Nov 12-13...

Primal Stories personal primal experiences written by members

The International Primal Association

The purpose of the International Primal Association (IPA) is to explore, study, research, and promote forms of psychotherapy and growth, including those that emphasize uncovering and resolving traumatic experiences, and to develop a community that is congruent with the principles developed from this work.

The IPA serves both the general public and our members with popular services such as: a summer convention, newsletters twice a year, a spring retreat, and an archive of articles. For members only, the forum ewail and the membership list are well used. Please see the links to your left for our other services. To join our mailing list, contact
The word primal refers to a method of psychological healing that examines the difficult and damaging aspects of our childhoods and helps us feel what was too much for us as children back then. This primal method of healing frees us in the present, so that instead of being shut down and defensive, we become open and whole.

What We Are All About
When human beings function as an integrated whole, they easily display peacefulness, openness, joy, and clarity, as shown in the above photos. We believe that primal healing is usually essential to regain such wholeness.
(Pics are not of members.)