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How to Access and Deepen Feelings

(on your own or as a client)

by Barbara Ann Bryan, August, 2013

Lie down. Loosen all tight clothing and let yoru body relax.

Start with you are feeling. Let the feelings flow freely. Do not stop to intellectualize (figure out waht is happening). Verbalizing the feelings as they happen (no explaining) can often help intensify them.

Deep breathing will always intensify whatever you are feeling. Breathe slowly and easily from chest to belly. At the bottom of the exhale, hold for a moment and try to let whatever you are holding deep inside come forth.

If the feelings are not expressible in words, make sounds as you exhale. Let them become louder and more intense.

Take your time and let it flow. Nothing is expected of you. Primals are not something you can make happen. They are something you can only let happen.

Let your body do what it needs to do. Feel free to thrash about cry, kick, scream, tremble, etc.

Be aware of, and pay attention to, any fleeting images or memories that come up. They are often leads into the deeper issues.

Feelings tend to bring themselves to a natural conclusion. By following your body's instincts, you will generally reach a point of closure with the feelings you are working with in a session. Your body is wise and will tell you when you had enough.

At the end of each session, it is very important to integrate those feelings that you have explored. Only you can find the true meanings of your experiences is important to be aware of the following:

     a. What feelings did you explore?

     b. What does it mean to you in your present life? How are the past and present connected?

     c. What isyour next step? (both primally and in your present life inside outside the group.

It is really useful to keep a journal of your feeling experiences, connections, and insights.





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