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Guidelines for Peer Primal Groups

by Barbara Ann Bryan, August, 2013


It should be a reasonably safe and protected environment with mats, pillows, bats, and some accessories available.

It may be an open-ongoing group or a closed contract group.

Waivers are signed before a person's first group. The waiver stresses that this is not "therapy," but an educational process.

New members should present therapy background information and be interviewed before attending and then givne special attention to discern if the group will be helpful for them.

It is highly receommneded that participants see a theapist or counselor on a regular basis to help them integrate and track their progress.

Group Structure:

The group may evolve as the participants need to choose. The basic format is: 1. Go-around sharing and choosing to work alone or with a buddy. 2. First work period 30-45 minutes. 3. Second work period 30-45 minutes, buddies change roles. 4. Wrap-up sharing insights for connections

House Rules:

No food and drink (expect water) in the primal room.

Remove jewelry, coins, glasses, pens, etc. and put them in a safe place.

Everything that is revealed in the group is strictly confidential.

Respect other clients' vulnerability and treat them with loving support and consideration, not with judgment, analyzing, or advice.

Be responsible for yourself, don't hide, ask for waht you need.

All expressions of feelings are welcome as long as you do not injure yourself or someone else and don't destroy property.

If you want to leave, be sure to first see the person in charge.

The most important rule is : "STOP, I MEAN IT!" This is said when a client (or a facilitator) feels too frightened or maybe afraid of being physically hurt. It is absolutely respected and honored by all participants. Whatever is happening is immediately stopped.





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