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Primal Links

The following are links to primal-related web sites. The IPA does not endorse the services offered by these sites.

IPA Member Links

Juliana Brown and Richard Mowbray  (
Primal Integration programme explores deeper levels of consciousness with a view to being more alive and living more authentically. Located in London, UK.

Juliana Brown and Richard Mowbray  (
Group workshops and individual sessions with a variety of approaches to personal growth. Located in London, UK.

Dianea Kohl  (
Dianea Kohl is a psychotherapist who is primalling now for 10 years, and written four books...three on the healing power of tears, and one about why we laugh.

Ruth S. Nyman  (
Janov-certified primal therapist. Trained and worked at Dr. Arthur Janov's International Primal Center in Venice, California, from January 1994 until June 2006. I offer intensives and sessions in English and French. Will do some follow-up by phone when appropriate.

Other Primal Sites

David Joseph Alpert   (
A healing method with unique elements:

  • Providing a needed element: Air (Inspiration), Earth (Embodiment), Water (Receptivity), and Fire (Assertiveness)
  • Creating the possibility to release pain by accompanying the client in carrying part of their burden
  • Working with the Energy of Love through many different modalities, including Communication, Energy Work and Hands-On Healing
  • Eliciting the body's natural mechanisms for healing
  • Restoring The True Self or Original Self

Janice Berger   (
Janice Berger and Associates
Deep Emotional Processing Therapy helps people discover and activate their own natural healing ability. Located near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Andy Bernay-Roman   (
Facilitating deep feeling, body-oriented psychotherapy in South Florida, USA.

Susan Cowan-Jenssen  (
London Association of Primal Psychotherapists
Trained by Arthur Janov, this group of therapists offers individual, couple and group psychotherapy sessions.

Susan Cowan-Jenssen  (
The Online Resource for Psychotherapy offers wide-ranging information about psychotherapy, psychology and counselling. Our aim is to supply services and network facilities to the mental-health professional community in the UK and abroad. The site contains a broad range of resources that are available to registered mental health professionals through subscription: case seminars, interviews, lectures, which are delivered in both audio and text so that you can listen and download the transcript; directories of registered practitioners and discussion forums. The Features pages, Books reviews and sales, and the Directory for the Public are all open to non-subscribers.

Heide Maria Druecke, M.D. (
Body-work, Primal-work, Breathing Sessions, Meditation, Aura-Soma. Located in Heidelberg, Germany.

Heide Maria Druecke, M.D. (
Gesellschaft für Integrative Primärtherapie (GIPT)
Group of primal therapists based in Germany, Heide Druecke director.

Barbara Findeisen  (
Star Foundation
A transformative 10-day personal growth retreat with a carefully structured program of accelerated self-healing. Located in California, USA.

Paul Hannig  (
Psychotherapy Help
Telephone & Online Therapy: Solution Oriented Psychotherapy for Self & Relationships. Located in the Los Angeles/Southern California area.

Primal Psychotheory Page
A website with many articles related to primal psychotherapy.
by John Spreyer

Primal Psychotheory
A website designed to encourage discussions on all topics related to primal psychotherapy.
by Frederick M. Farrar

Pat Törngren  (
The South African Primal Therapy Support Page
An international resource for those interested in Primal Therapy and other Deep Feeling Regressive Psychotherapies and includes a World Wide Online Primal Support Group.

Related Modalities

Susan Aaron
The founder of Psychodramatic Bodywork for therapists and counselors, Susan leads workshops on a variety of topics, offers anger videos and ongoing personal growth groups.

APPPAH (Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health)
An association interested in the psychological dimensions of prenatal and perinatal experiences

Aware Parenting Institute
A philosophy of child-rearing that questions traditional assumptions about children, the website includes a book list.
by Aletha Solter, Ph.D.

Deep Feeling Facilitation Training
Sam Turton, Registered Psychotherapist in Ontario, Canada, offers training on an apprenticeship basis, acceptance on an individual basis only. If interested, contact

Liedloff Continuum Network
A website created to educate those interested in the well-being of infants and children by advocating principles described in the book "The Continuum Concept."

Lloyd deMause's Psychohistory
Examines the emotional origin of the social and political behavior of groups and nations, past and present.

Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP)
An internationally used technique in which people re-experience past trauma, then re-enact the event using ideal parents who satisfy the early developmental needs.

Reevaluation Counselling
A system in which two people, alternating between counselor and client roles, use talk, emotional release and reevaluation to resolve issues.





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