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The IPA operates through the efforts of its many volunteers and volunteer teams. These dedicated people offer their time and bring a wide range of talents and abilities to the organization.

Official business is conducted by volunteers on the IPA Board of Directors. If you wish to serve on the Board, you may read about its purpose and member requirements here. The Council of Elders assists the Board and general membership in the resolution of conflicts and issues within the organization.

A variety of committees have been created to support and implement our many projects and activities. Each committee has a chairperson and many have additional volunteer members. A list of committees and their members can be seen here.

Several IPA committees are currently active in promoting the IPA and primal in other deep-feeling communities. Our vision is to grow and share our way of being with others. The diversity of volunteer skills has made it possible to develop a professional infrastructure, an important element of this growth vision.

It is an exciting time to be involved, and all contributions further the primal cause and are appreciated. We also welcome input from our members. Your feedback on surveys is valuable in helping us direct our activities.

The IPA would not be able to function and grow without the help of many volunteers, and we are always looking for new volunteers to supply the freshness and energy the IPA needs. If you would like to volunteer (or volunteer more!), contact





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