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Dianea Kohl (chair), Leonard Rosenbaum
Maintains the information about the IPA's Certification of Primal Integration Educators. Promotes, oversees, and supports the process of Certification for those who apply.

Convention 2018
Dianne Arman, Bill Whitesell (Co-Chairs)
Co-ordinates the annual summer convention.

TBA (chair)
Maintains the list of Elders and contacts them periodically..

Warren Davis (chair), Rick Benson
Conducts IPA elections as required.

Denise Kline (chair), Wayne Carr
Will research the IPA Standard of Ethics information from the past and create a new Standard that is more appropriate and up to date.

Dave Gorsky (chair)
Maintains and moderates the IPA Ewailer chat group.

Anna Puleo, Dave Gorsky (co-chairs)
Maintains our Facebook page.

Denise Kline (chair), Randy Goldberg, Mickey Judkovics
Assists with membership development; coordinates the providing of information and resources to assist in developing local primal activities in different areas; develops and promotes the speakers' bureau; creates and maintains the international contact list. Duties of the Internship, Local Peer Groups, Veterans Outreach, and Volunteer Committees were rolled into the Outreach Committee.

Publicity and Promotion
Dianne Arman (chair)
Researches and implements ways to get publicity and to promote the IPA.

Referral List
Dianne Arman (chair)
Maintains the master list, promotes with mailings, handles renewals and corrections.

(Chair), Dianne Arman, Warren Davis, Denise Kline, Leonard Rosenbaum
Takes on peripheral and adjunct Secretary tasks: letters and mailings; contacting members; storing database backups; general consulting to the Secretary.

Site Search
Denise Kline (Chair), Mickey Judkovics, Bill Gronwald, Dave Gorsky
Identifies, investigates, evaluates, and recommends an alternative possible site or sites for IPA conventions and retreats.

Spring Retreat 2018
Alex Tadeskung, Harriet Geller, Anne Bassen (Retreat Coordinators)
Co-ordinates the annual spring retreat.

Barbara Bryan (chair), Jean Rashkind, Dianne Arman
Promotes the creation and implementation of training programs to develop primal/deep-feeling facilitation skills.

Warren Davis (Chair), Thayer White, Dianne Arman, Gary Bradley
Takes on peripheral and adjunct Treasurer tasks: advising and recommending investments, researching nonprofit status info; researching insurance issues; general consulting to the Treasurer.

Volunteer Coordination
Chair (vacant)
Maintains and updates volunteer and committee lists; liaison between volunteers and committees needing help.

Dave Gorsky (chair)
Designs, updates, and maintains the IPA Web site.





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