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Index of Articles, by title

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A - G

Answers to Questions on Aging by Graham Farrant, M.D.
Ark 2000 by Sam Turton
The Art of Primal Midwifery by Hal Geddes, M.S.W.
At the Speed of Life by Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks Reviewed by Terry Larimore
Beyond Janov by Herman Weiner, Ph.D.
Beyond Psychoanalysis: Birth Trauma and Its Relation to Mental Illness, Suicide and Ecstasy by Stanislav Grof, M.D.
The Biology of Love by Arthur Janov Reviewed by Stephen Khamsi, Ph.D.
Birth, Death and Organic Energy by Daniel W. Miller, Ph.D.
Birth Feelings: A Phenomenological Investigation by Stephen Khamsi, Ph.D.
Birth Revisited by Stephen Khamsi, Ph.D.
Birth Trauma, Claustrophobia and LSD Therapy by Dr. Frank Lake
The British are Coming! by Steve Austill
Building Your Primal Room by Peter Coldwell
Cellular Consciousness by Graham Farrant, M.D.
Changes of mind by Jenny Wade Reviewed by John Rowan
Choosing a Mental Health Therapist by Norm Lowery
The Colorado Rebirthing Ban by Sam Turton
Conceived Only In Love: A Sermon Delivered At Mt Vernon's Unitarian Church by Joseph Sanders, Ph.D.
Deep Down, Deeper Down by John Rowan
Deliberate Love III A poem by Terry Larimore
Earth and Sky A poem by Harriet Geller
Earth Blessings A poem by Marie Regis
Emotional Fitness by Janice Berger Reviewed by Sam Turton
False Memory Syndrome and its implications in Primal Therapy by John A. Speyrer
Forbidden Fruit A poem by Belden Johnson
Four Therapy Experiences at the IPA Convention by John A. Speyrer
A Freudian Analysis in the Primal Looking Glass by Stephen Proskauer, M.D.
Graham Farrant, M.D. Interviewed by Arnold Buchheimer, Ph.D.
Guidelines For Buddying by Barbara Bryan
Guidelines For Peer Primal Groups by Barbara Bryan

H - R

Healing the Male Psyche: Therapy as Initiation by John Rowan
House Rules by Barbara Bryan
Ibogaine -- Therapeutic Miracle? by Donald J. Allan
Imprints by Arthur Janov Reviewed by Arnold Buchheimer Ph.D.
In Remembrance of Bill Smukler by Joseph R. Sanders, Ph.D.
Independent Practice: Professional or Non-Professional? by Herman Weiner Ph.D.
Introduction to Breathwork by Hal Geddes
IPA - A Big Enough Container? by Mickey Judkovics
The IPA Spring Retreat 2001 by Harriet Geller
Love Poem To Anger A poem by Becky Bertha
Loving Your Child is Not Enough: Positive Discipline That Works by Nancy Samalin Reviewed by John Speyrer
Making Sense of Suffering by J. Konrad Stettbacher, Ph.D. Reviewed by Gary Soulsman
Mapping the Psyche by Sam Addington
Memories, Primals, and Reflections by Belden Johnson
My Father A poem by Harriet Geller
Natural vs. Directive Primal Therapy by Harley Ristad
One Memorable Men's Group by Bill Whitesell
Opening the Heart/Love Chakra by Paul J. Hannig
Opening to the Power Within by Barbara Bryan
Paths of Life: Seven Scenarios by Alice Miller Reviewed by Stephen Khamsi, Ph.D.
Peer Primaling Groups by Bill Whitesell
Poetry A poem by Jonathan Schwartz
Poetry Erupts at Convention collected by Harriet Geller
Practicing the Presence by Mickey Judkovics
Primal Integration (brief) by John Rowan
Primal Integration (extensive) by John Rowan
A Primal is a Primal is a Primal Abreaction by Hal Geddes
A Primal Religion by Belden Johnson
Primal Therapy: What ever happened to the Mind? by Daniel W. Miller
Primal Therapy With Infants by William R. Emerson
Primal Zen by Sam Turton
Psychodramatic Bodywork® & Primal by Susan Aaron
Psychotherapy of the Deepest Self by Dr. Paul Vereshack Reviewed by Stephen Khamsi, Ph.D., with response by the author and others
Relationships: Ingredients for Success Part II of an interview with Paul J. Hannig
Report on the IPA Spring Retreat 2000 by Harriet Geller

S - Z

Sacred A poem by Marie Regis
A Series of Sessions by John A. Speyrer
Sestina I: Since the Womb A poem by Harriet Geller
The Seven Stages of Primal Therapy by Stephen Khamsi, Ph.D. and Stephen K. Witty, Ph.D.
Should Therapists Continue Their Own Therapy? by Chris Wright
Should We Expand the Mission of the IPA? by Chris Wright (with response from Renate Marek)
Stories of Joy and Pain: A Significant Session by Lisa Samson
The Success and Failure of Primal Therapy - A Critical Review by Stephen Khamsi, Ph.D.
Types of Primals by Barbara Bryan
Wailing for Humanity on 9/11 by Shelly Beach and Bill Whitesell
A Week in the Life... by Bob Holmes
What is Primal Psychotherapy by Larry King
What is the Ark? An IPA Member's View of the 1994 Ark by Don Allan
Why Talk Therapies Cannot Heal: Self-Awareness, Insight & Behavioral Change vs. Healing by Chris Wright
The World After Primal Therapy by Dan Miller, Ph.D.
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